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         Stock Dimensions

5'2  x     19"     x  2 3/8"      25.0 L

5'4  x 19 1/4" x  2 1/2"       27.5 L

5'6 x  19 1/2" x  2 5/8"      30.2 L

5'8 x  19 3/4" x  2 3/4"      33.0 L

5'11x  20 1/4" x  2 7/8"      37.0 L

6'2 x  20 3/4" x    3"            41.2 L

6'5 x  21 1/2"  x  3 1/4"      48.0 L   


This is just a small sampling of the sizes and dimensions for which we can build this model.  We can do a custom shape for you in your preferred length, width, thickness, and volume.  If you are not sure what your optimal dimensions are, please contact us, and we can help to determine what would fit you best.


  • Malolo is the Hawaiian name for the flying fish.  Our Malolo model  features an outline that was inspired by the 1980 T&C twin fin.  The fin placement is set up to work best as either a twin fin or as a twin plus trailer.  This board will make even the smallest mushiest waves rippable and will carry speed through flat weak sections like a champ.  The Malolo can be ridden up to 6 inches shorter than your basic performance shortboard.


    All of the featured photos include an acid splash resin tint($50/side).

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